2:37 - In a nutshell, why do I need Squarespace? 

4:53 - What is Squarespace?

10:24 - What's wrong with other platforms? 

11:48 - The moment I decided to switch everything over to Squarespace. 

14:09 - How much can the Squarespace server take? Will my Squarespace site crash?

16:27 - What the best price plan?

23:49 - If I choose a personal price plan is it easy to upgrade to a business price plan? Or should I start off with a business price plan if my brand offering grows? 

24:29 - How easy or difficult is it to go in and make changes?

28:00 - Why is Squarespace the hot chick in the room compared to Wordpress or Wix?

29:43 - What if I no longer like Squarespace will I have to build a whole new website somewhere else? Or can I take the coding with me somewhere else?

30:58 - Is Squarespace secure? 




Got questions?