Guess what the #1 struggle is for actors who design their own websites?



Picking the perfect template. 


There are 3,136,752 templates to choose from. Seriously, how can you pick just one?! But the problem lies much deeper than just a template.


The real problem is picking the right platform. 

For example, you could have the best template in the world that fits you to a tee, but if it's hosted on a platform that isn't 100% responsive, needs tons of extra plugins, and just feels clunky, then even the perfect template can look mediocre. 

Your current website is probably suffering from this very problem. So the real question is... 


what's the best platform for you as an actor?


Look no further. Today's your lucky day. I've done years of research, platform trial and error, and had a few meltdowns to come to this very conclusion. The answer to your website platform problem (and in turn, finding the perfect template) is Squarespace. 




Don't believe me? 


Click the button below to read my "Squarespace vs. Everything Else" Cheat Sheet, take the "What's Your Squarespace Template?" Quiz, and download your personalised video on how to best use your specific Squarespace template for your branding. 

(You're welcome).