Spring 2019 🗓


Thanks so much for signing up! Follow these steps to guarantee you have the smoothest ride possible along this Instagram-able journey.

  1. Make sure you add to your contacts so the Instagram Challenge emails get to you and don't land in your spam folder.

  2. Mark your calendar to rock it like a socket during the challenge from sometime in the spring of 2019. You will be emailed when it gets closer.

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ONE MORE THING: If, during the challenge, you are note getting the emails with the links to that day’s video, and you’re checking your spam folder, and STILL you come up dry, here’s a MASSIVE help in the matter. Below are all 5 of the links to the videos. They are currently password protected and will be unlocked on the day that they should be viewed, BUT just simply copy and paste the links in your calendar for those days and you have access to the Challenge and won’t even need the daily email sent to you. I want to GUARANTEE you gain access to the challenge. And this is my fool-proof way of making 100% sure you get these 5 free videos.

DAY 1:
DAY 2:
DAY 3:
DAY 4:
DAY 5:


Thanks again for signing up for my Instagram 5 Day Challenge. We are going to have loads of fun and help you build your brand on Instagram one day at a time. 


In gratitude,