1. Take a personality selfie

  2. Write a personable caption

  3. Hashtag away AND ALSO use today’s hashtag #JTIGC3

  4. Find more followers

Need some inspiration?

Type in the hashtag #JTIGC3 to see what others are posting to get your creative juices flowing.

Then tell me how it went in the Facebook Group.

This is your last chance to get your BFFF on board the Instagram 5 Day Challenge train.

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+ I've got a great pic of me doing something soooo fitting to my personality that I took a while back. Is it a disqualification to use a previously taken personality selfie?

OMG use it! You won't be disqualified. In this day 3 challenge, and ONLY in this day 3 challenge, you're allowed to use a past pic that shows your personality to a tee. Just make sure that at least your face and at most your body is in the pic. And you are showing a great side of your personailty. Whether you took it today or in the past, it doesn't really matter. Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect, it jsut needs to be present.

+ When is it appropriate to DM our potential clients? Is there a proper protocol?

Like like like comment follow as much as you can from what you learned in Day 2. Then see how it goes from there. Light and easy wins the day. Don’t pitch or push or hard sell. Just continue the conversation in the comments. Then those comments will naturally turn into DMs when either you or they want to learn more about you, your work, or them or their work. Don't force it. Just let it flow and see how it goes.

+ Line breaks in my captions. What's this mysterious return/period as a way to do line breaks?

Formatting on your Isntagram captions can look great... or not so great. Here'S how to make them look great. Try doing a return period return period return period on your phone's keyboard. You may need to switch from the 123 keyboard to the alphabet keyboard depending upon which phone you have. There IS an easier way with a third party app that I talk about in My Content Calendar online course but this answer would be far too long winded to go into detail with that. So I'd say play with the return periods and make it work for you.