1. Take a selfie of you in your workspace

  2. Be creative

  3. Introduce yourself in the caption

    Hi! I’m __________. I’m a __________. I help my clients ____________. One thing I love about what I do is __________. What’s one thing YOU love about what you do? Let me know in the comments below.

  4. Use today’s hashtag #JTIGC1

Need some inspiration?

Type in the hashtag #JTIGC1 to see what others are posting to get your creative juices flowing.

Then tell me how it went in the Facebook Group.

Think this Instagram 5 Day Challenge would be fun for a friend of yours? Awesome! It’s not too late for them to sign up and join in on the fun.

Send them to www.jonathantilley.com/instagram to join the challenge.


+ Is there a way to edit one’s post after posting?

Tap on the post, then tap on the upper right corner with three dots. There you can edit your post.

+ Is it normal to take like 5 million selfies until you find the right one, and feel utterly clueless the whole time?

Yes. That’s totally normal… at first. Just keep leaning into the vulnerability, keep snapping shots, until you take one that you like.

+ My Instagram is not set to "public"... I feel like I know it would be best if it were for my business... but I still have this thing where I don't want some poeple seeing what I post. For the purposes of the challenge, I'm okay, right? Because you (your staff) are following and so can find me?

It would be best for you to have a public account so dream clients can see you asap. They will be more hesitant to vet you as a pro because you have a private account. I think you may be able to block people from viewing your account. A quick google search will surely help you with that. But my final answer is, lean into the vulnearbility, take your Instagram account from private to public, and watch your dream clients fall in love with you and book you for gigs.

+ But I HATE the way I look in pictures. What should I do?

As I always say, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be present. YOU may not like the way you look, but what WE see on the other side is a beautiful human being showing up and allowing themselves to be seen. You may feel safe behind your computer, or behind the lens, or behind the mic, or behind the _ ... But the real party happens in front of the lens, ball your gorgeous glory, awkward and silly and uncomfortable and vulnerable. That’s how your followers (and soon to be dream clients) get to know you and fall in love with you. Not because you look perfect, but because of your imperfections, your humanity, and the wonderful things that make you YOU, that can only be relayed via a selfie. If they wanted Kim Kardashian looking smoothed up and plumped out, then they would have already booked Kim Kardashian. But no, they don’t want that fake ass Barbie doll. They want something more relatable, more human, more authentic. They want you. But they need to see you first before they can choose you. So show up and be seen. You got this.

Since this challenge is all about building your brand and finding your dream cleints on Instagram I'd suggest using the account you have NOW for the challenge. It's only 5 days. You're not signing a mortgage agreement. So make it work for you with whatever Instagram account you feel most comfortable with using for the challenge. There is no need to create another account JUST for teh challenge. I mean you could if you want to and that would be great for your business, but just make sure that you are making it work for you. If you however DO have an Instagram account that is more to promote your business then please use that account and leave the I-like-to-post-pics-of-cats account out of the challenge. Remember, this Instagram Challenge is to attract dream clients to your account. Your dream cleints don't want to see cats. They want to see you documenting your creative process. So whatever that means for you, make that work for you.

+ I have no clue how to pose. How can I make my selfie pose look more interesting that a deer in the headlights?

Great question. Here’s a hint. First look straight into the camera. Full frontal face. Then, keep your face where it is but look slightly off to the side either left or right. Don’t look all the way to the side. Rather look one width of your smartphone to the left or right. Excellent. Now pretend you see an old friend in the distance. Take a selfie. Now pretend you see a hot celebrity in the distance. Take a selfie. Now pretend you see a chocolate cake in the distance. Take a selfie. Now pretend you are smelling a rose. Take a selfie. Now do fake laugh as hard as you can. Take a selfie. You now have 5 totally different looks to choose from that are not the typical deer in the headlights look. You’re welcome.