Inspired by my let's-fall-down-the-rabbit-hole-of-creativty-website-browsing I seem to be obsessing over things on Screen-printed cactus tshirts, nautical rope doormats, and rainbow felt ball garland strung over the antlers of a stuffed animal deer. I enjoy seeing other people's creations immensely. 

But you don't get an inside peek to see what the creator is like. Who IS that person who had the genius idea to make a handbag out of Werther's Originals? I want to meet them! 

So I did what any personal brand strategist would do... I created a brand book on my imaginarey friend: Etsy Betsy. She's crafty, quirky, and creative. Her fonts are so adorable I kinda want to pinch her cheeks. And her color palette is a perfect pastel prism. 

As you can tell I love making brand books. They are a huge help when I'm branding a client. I've packed all my branding knowledge into my latest online course, Website Makeover Masterclass. I'll be doing a beta test on this baby really soon. Want to lock in the Early Bird Special and learn my secrets for a tenth of the price? Go to to get on the exclusive Wait List. See you there!

In gratitude,