I don’t usually talk about things that happen behind the scenes, but I think the time is right to pull back the curtain a bit. Here we go…

In 2006 I decided to take my voice-over career to the next level, go balls to the wall and make it a full-time thing. I needed to walk my talk. I needed to go pro. I needed new demos, a new website, a new logo, basically everything new and improved.

I loved the process of upgrading myself and my talent. However my wallet didn’t. I maxed out my credit cards twice, I scrimped and saved to make ends meet, I questioned if what I was doing was the right thing at the time.In total I spent about $4,000 for absolutely everything.

Come launch day, I had a new brand and website but I needed to tell people about it. So I pressed on and wrote personalised cover letter emails to voice over production houses all throughout where I live in Germany. My website, brand, and demos felt 100% like me. And I wanted my communication to be just as authentic.

Within a month of my new brand and website launch I had hundreds of new contacts, booked a lotof new gigs, and made back that $4000 within an extremely short amount of time. Not only that, by the end of 2006 I had my first 6-figure year. I made just over $100,000.

Looking back to the $4000 I invest in my voice over business and realising that was only 4% of the money I made that year, I had to laugh. That was nothing! Just by investing a bit of money up front I can reap tremendous benefits.

And each year I would make more and more just based off of the simple principle of authentically reaching out to people with an open heart and a smile. Sharing my talent with the world by giving from a place of abundance. Realising that people needed the creative talent that I had and were wiling to pay for it.

While still having a 6-figure voice over career, I’ve also launched a 6-figure public speaking career, and a 6-figure online business helping creative people just like you transition into successful creative freelancers… and all by using this simple principle of authentically reaching out to clients to build long-lasting, deep, and powerful working relationships.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know what it feels like to be amazingly creative but not having the business skills to turn your creative talent into a business. That is why I’ve created my online course League Of List Builders where I teach you the skills I use to turn your art into money… and not in a sleazy, spammy, jerk-y way.


I only teach what I know. And this is what I know for sure.

  • Everyone hates reaching out to strangers for work.
  • Everyone hates being spammed, bombarded, and “networked”
  • But everyone loves when someone leans into the vulnerability, gives from a place of abundance, and shares their talent with the world.


And that’s exactly what League Of List Builders is all about.


Get ready to learn about this online course and how it can help you…. really help you – live the life of your dreams by doing what you love to do creatively and getting paid for it.


Invest in yourself. You’re worth it.