I've got some exciting news that I've been working on for over a month now. I'm super-psyched to share it with you today. 

It's my new ultra-fun quiz called "What's YOUR Font Personality?

How did this come about? Well I was working on my latest online course for you WEBSITE MAKEOVER MASTERCLASS and was taking a good two weeks working on just one module: Fonts. Yes it was a lot of information but it was also a bucket-load of FUN! 

2 weeks of serious analysis and research on the energy and personality each font has, where they came from, how some modern fonts are spin-offs of 16th century print fonts, and continually typing my name in each font just to see how it felt. 

#seriousfunoverload #nojoke!

When meeting with friends I would go off for at least 30 minutes about what their Font Personality was and what font pairing would work best with their branding. I literally had to hold myself back from jumping up and down like I had unlocked their personal branding treasure chest. And yes, half way through my excited blab-fest I started to get a bit of crazy eye. 

So I channeled that font-tastic energy not only into the new online course, but into my newest QUIZ! After you do the quiz there's a personalised brand book with all the font pairings, best uses, and other wicked cool stuff in there to implement into your website and branding. 

Once you've done the quiz then come on over to my Creative Circle Facebook Group and tell me what you got!

In gratitude,


SO.      EXCITED.      CAN'T.      BREATHE.